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110km/h lazy boy, 12 stone tumours, 19 year old mayors, addictive tv, adult movie posters, amicable parasites, animal sex, anthropodermic bibliopegy, apache attack helicopters, artificial tornadoes, automatic kung fu generators, black slaves, bored fishermen, bose-einstein condensates, bouldering, brain stealers, brains, breasts, buddhabrot, camouflage body paint, cancer cures, car salesmen, chewbacca drummers, climbing, complex proteins, cones of power, crazy americans, data visualisation techniques, david hasselhoff, death sticks, decompression bombs, dogs acting sexy, dong, drink can stoves, drunk haircuts, echelon, encryption, european mars express orbiter, evil tricks, exploding toilets, fake smiles, falling elephants, fbi computer crime agents, flash games, foot long mammoth bones, freaksville, freaky linux hacks, funny looking, futures, genetic algorithms, genetically modified weeds, giant squid, glowing fish, glowing toilets, goatse.cx, gorgoroth, guide books, guts, hacks, hax0rs, heart shaped potatoes, high velocity, holy cows, homosexual penguins, hubble, imaginary girlfriends, immortality tech, international campaign against television, jesus action figures, job from heaven, job from hell, john titor, kernels, killer kites, klein bottle mugs, klingon weddings, lsd, lung cancer cluster bombs, mad cow, making your brain bigger, manned space bases, mars, mono, naked dog wrestling, naked protesting, nasa, new forms of matter, nice-tits.org, not work safe, online economics, orbital recovery corporation, orwellian societies, outlaw roses, pastafarianism, pet ghosts, pickled dragons, pink tanks, polymer vision, programmer productivity research center, purple slurped books, pussy, quantum theory, rat tech, read my boobs, robot belly dancers, rosenhan's experiment, russian roulette, saddam hussein, sculpted robot chicks, selling body fluids, smack the pingu, small animals, smog eating paint, snowman porn, sonic guns, sonic mosquito killers, spacecraft, sperm whales, squeamishness, star trek phasors, stunts, stupidity, supersolids, surviving cancer, the borg, the future, the meatrix, throw rocks at boys, thumb biters, tightly packing m&ms, time travellers, toilets that gush oil, tweakomatic, two headed babies, two headed turtles, viruses, washing your hands properly, wattle, wookies, zero g water balloons