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interesting old folks

Henry M, the most studied individual in the history of brain research believes TV is always a new invention, and that Truman is president

two researchers have come up with a modified theory of gravity that a) incorporates quantum effects (HUGE), b) rules out dark matter (even bigger?). (ok, so I don't know if they're old, but I'm going to pretend they are, coz this is such huge news)

note the black hoods, and yep, that's Alberto Gonzales, attorney general of the USA, trying (and failing) to convince university law students that illegal surveillance of US citizens is ok

this guy's old (look at that grey hair!) and he's found, ta da! the tiniest fish in the world
.. that, uhh, lives in acid and has prehensile fins (no, I'm not making this up)

Paracelsus was an alchemist, shaman and magician, oh, and the first scientist. He still kicks ass, even today

Kepler was one of leading lights of astronomy.. who also practiced astrology (but just to pay the bills)

and for those of you who delight in looking at whale penii* at work (for those who want a justifiable reason, it's empirical evidence supporting the quality of your current employment environment) -or, if that's not to your taste, whale vomit

* yes, I know it's wrong, but it's funnier to say this way
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direct quotes from God

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stupidest thing I've ever seen

the vatican has decided to copyright the pope's words, and demand payment before allowing publishing (good way to kill your church, dickwads)

it's a fucking rabbit

a gun, that you fire dog biscuits out of - to make your fat dog get some exercise (fat people deserve skinny dogs too)

university of florida insists that you prove you're having sex before you can get domestic benefits (words fail me)

and here's some, for all you work people:

with that ring, and that nail polish, I can somehow imagine this woman doing it for real

this man is altogether far too pleased with himself
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the subtleties of climate change

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it's love but she's unimpressed

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having a whale of a time

whale swims through central London
(no comment as to the congestion charge)

dead whale dumped outside Japanese embassy in Berlin

meanwhile, whale sharks are shrinking
(they're down to two diver snacks)

a whale sank a 15m boat up north yesterday

and in a moment of karmic retribution a whale watching boat smacked into a whale off Hawaii (watching <> driving-into, people)

[update: bad news, the Thames whale died before they could take it to safety]
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body mod ahoy!

I know you tattoo peeps out there all secretly want to look like this

if you're going to have a big hole in your ear
, it might as well be useful, right?

stop with all that wimpy jewellery, already

if you were a real man about it..

more pics and stuff to read here, and remember kids, it's not how hard you pull, but how long

and ok, it's not giant squid (which we all love so much), but invasion of the giant jellyfish just has to be a movie waiting to happen

and here are some pretty pictures that don't involve people doing freaky shit to their face (it's rather sophisticated mathematics, instead)
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2006 so far: a recap

kinda like this

although it's also felt like this (SFW, but you'll wish it wasn't)

confusing as hell (1=2 & all the people in Canada are the same age)

everything's past the point of no return

you're always feeling unlucky (there's a reason for this)

and it's left you looking like this

so how many 'a's are there in aaarrrrrrrghhh?

and after 7 hours of refreshing for the only fucking shiny thing the year has to offer, you get this: