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low tech = cool tech

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science does good

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centre of gravity

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robots.. ROBOTS!

essentially this is a flying car (yes, skeptics, the futuretime is here, NOW!), however what makes it useful is that, more or less, they get a robot to fly it for you (it takes care of tricky aerodynamics, fast weight shifts, etc)

robots are almost human! (a newscientist special), followed with improvements in automated speech, two legged robots that are as graceful as humans, and the subtleties of digital dexterity

grr! argh! it's Enryu
(it means "rescue dragon", how goddamn cool) - and here's an article about it being used to rescue people from snow (ok, LOTS of snow)

it appears automated, therefore I deem it (today) to be a robot. Everyone should go here, the roflbrothel (yes, SFW, it's ascii, for god's sake)

an underwater robot is mapping an ancient greek shipwreck

ho ho, Henrik Ibsen's "Hedda Gabler", with half the parts played by live robots onstage! (live? robots? well, ok) - more detail here

and! and! omGEE! (thanks happyinmotion):

Robosaurus! It eats aeroplanes AND breathes fire. I mean, really, what more could you want from a robot?

but, you know, some people are just misery gutses.. they think robots are just not where it's at

and just because everything tesla is stunningly cool and interesting - his zero time reference generator, which when it's turned on, you can hear lock onto the rotation of the earth

and, you know, ha ha:
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not a surprise

high iq isn't as great for you as previously thought

breathing deeply is good for you

Mr FUN doesn't have fun

this domain name is taken (and they're selling penis enlargement pills)

this is the most stolen street sign in the world
(and other bizarre places to live)

American telcos can't be trusted.. oh, and have stolen USD200b off the US public, and given them nothing in return.

17 year olds could care less about sex scenes in video games

frequent fliers catch more colds (seriously. duh. trapped in a tube with a bunch of sniffly idiots?)

and just for happyinmotion, people in amazing jobs aren't just lucky, or, it would seem, male, or white. (Who would have thought they just made their own breaks when the opportunities arrived?)
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now THAT I'd like to see

a printer that can print out brain cells

it's dance dance DNA revolution
(dance dance evolution? :) )

patch 1.10 is bringing weather to WoW (don't renew your account. don't renew your account)

trauma pills that blot out bad memories (childhood anyone? all of January 2006?)

chewbacca's blog
(really *cough* rather articulate)

flying windmills. No, that's not a typo. So. Cool.

this is what happens when you pump oxygen and propane into a gopher tunnel system
.. then ignite it!

a giant octopus attacked a submarine (wooHOO!)

guy goes to supermarket to buy ham. finds "dog shit" listed in the ingredients. (camera! camera!)

and that I'd like to see again: chronic déjà vu sufferers ("there's no point coming to the (brand new) clinic. I've already been there")
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I pee in your general direction

revenge unlimited - for people in desperate need of a good dose of humility

cards to fill out and hand to loud cell phone users

flip charts to helpfully communicate with other road users

how to slow cars from speeding in your street

The Drunk Couple I Affectionately Refer To As My Next Door Neighbors

the mind molester - how to drive someone mad

take the revenge test - determine how vengeful you truly are

true tales of retribution against life's petty aggravations

and just because it's such awesome maths:

Fast Anisotropic Smoothing of Multi-Valued Images by Curvature-Preserving PDE's
(yes, the algorithm did just fill in all the blanks with no knowledge whatsoever of what was supposed to be there)
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your father smelt of elderberries

for you youngsters who think dissing started with Rappers like Eminem and Insane Clown Posse ("Slim Anus? You damn right, Slim Anus. I don't get fucked in mine like you two little flaming faggots.")

if nothing else, the rap tradition of duelling rhymes goes back to the earliest days of African-American culture, with a song published in 1830 "Round the Corn, Sally", in which the enslaved female singer disses every member of a picnic party (and I spat in your sandwiches)

The Inuits used to do a similar thing - one track, recorded in 1931, had this to say: " For your daughter-in-law Teriarnaq — yonder. You conceived immoral desires. And yearned for her." (take that! They also abused the size of each others' buttocks)

let's not get carried away though, in 1782 Mozart composed a canon for six voices in B-flat major "Leck mich im Arsch", which yes, means "kiss my ass" (no word on whether it was a love song)

in 991 AD the English (Anglo-Saxons, at the time) were "flyting" the invading Vikings with such taunts as "They intend to give all of you spears as tribute, deadly points and tried swords, payment in war-gear which will be of no benefit to you in battle" (rough translation "you're all useless idiots" - and so much more poetic than a simple "fuck you") - more on the Battle of Maldon poem here

dissing was also a Norwegian tradition, since at least Viking times. This was known as nidvise (although good luck reading the results of that Google search)

an excellent Old Norse example was in "Helgakviða Hundingsbana fyrri", where we get "nine wolves you and I begot on the island of Sága; I alone was their father"

of course, the Romans were quicker to the mark, Catullus (ca. 84-54BC) had the joy of reciting "Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo", which translates to *cough* "I'll bugger you and make you suck it" (perhaps the earliest recordest instance of the threat of an atm)

but even before then, Archilochus (ca 680-645BC), considered the creator of iambic poetry, was slandering a girl named Neobule (who spurned him) and describing, in graphic detail, how he seduces her sister in revenge.. apparently these poems were so extreme that the entire family are said to have hanged themselves in disgrace

and ok, just for tatjna, water beds make for happy cows
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