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what is love?

scientists discover that romantic love triggers more brain activity than sex, that waist-to-hip ratio's of 0.7, big eyes and broad shoulders are physically most attractive on women, that symmetry is most attractive on both (symmetrical face=more sex)

english scientists are planning to study speed dating, american scientists have already done it - basically it all happens in the first 3 seconds (are they hot? yes, it's on. everything else is largely irrelevant)

the BBC studies this, in only the way the BBC can: interpreting facial expressions, testing ability to spot fake smiles, and brain events when in love are pretty similar to that occurring with mental illness (in love? you're crazy!)

much like franky goes to hollywood, the ancient Greeks had many words for love, that between friends, between family, what essentially translates to 'cherishing', and passionate, or sexual love. Perhaps, however, what modern media propogates as 'love' is actually limerance, even though it's actually neither love nor sexual attraction.

economists calculate the relative utility function of wives vs whores

and just coz it's great: Israel has an anti-semitic cartoon contest (“We’ll show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published! No Iranian will beat us on our home turf!”), and because it's idiotic but unsurprising: American defence chiefs plan for conflict in dozens of countries and lasting for decades. f'in idiots.
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paradigm shift ahoy

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water water everywhere..

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hot damn high tech rocks!

acclaimed physicist presents exact solution of einstein's gravitational field equation - immediately solving two biggest problems of near light speed travel (finding the energy required, and not crushing humans in the process)

it's a building, finalist for a competition (tech description here, images here *drool*)

morse code translation app (requires java)

face transforming app - upload a pic of yourself, and see how you look when you're old, or young, or chinese, or, say, manga (requires java, but well worth switching it on for)

US military attempts to control weather using plasma
(ok, weather control is old news, but using plasma for anything is cool, which is the only reason these guys get a mention - making ball lightning in a lab, using *yawn* a microwave oven. Been there, done that, but, you know, it's plasma, so hey!)

nuclear (not nuc-u-lar, thanks Bush) grade duct tape (nope, I'm not making this up! and thanks happyinmotion)

an app to completely remove all norton apps from your pc (thank god! someone finally thought of the children)

what happens when you break a high energy circuit that still has 500,000 volts running through it (very short, very impressive google video)

the Japanese know nothing

of course, you've gotta respect uber low tech - how about a stone age tribe, numbering 50-200 who have successfully rebuffed the rest of the planet - including helicopters, with a rain of arrows? (oh, and managed to survive the 2004 indian tsunami)
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sneaky pr0n

looks like a vintage picture of a respectable man, but it pulls up and there's porn, PORN I tells yah, hidden underneath

online game has you going down on a chick
. No, wait, that's not the sneaky bit. The sneaky bit is they insist on you entering government issued ID information before you can enter (ostensibly to prove you're over 17, but in reality? ohhh, that's a database just waiting for a subpoena. Fortunately you can enter el shrubs name, dob and the whitehouse zip code (20500) and you'll be fine)

artist Shu Lea Cheang makes a movie (called Fluid, set in 2030) about genetically engineered cure for AIDs, called milk
. The film was never released, but inspired this artpiece of a row of urinals, the middle vidscreen of a goldfish, others, *cough* more explicit.

She went on to a porn casting session inside this tent, but Norway shut that down.

after that she decided to make a a sex tv channel, but intended to only be shown after midnight. Switzerland beat that on the head with a stick, so she released a second version, with everything "snowed"
, and a webchannel inspired by it, linking aids deaths in africa to the availability of porn on the internet (interesting concept, actually)

law student files complaint against vagina (is it porn? or not? is it? or not?)

car crash porn, caught on cctv (and set to a funky beat) - ever watched a bendy bus totally lose it? or two trucks smash, all in a tunnel? yep, this is your link

this couldn't be complete without news from the good old Sun: lesbian lovers caught in train loo, and woman caught having sex outside three times in half an hour ("I couldn't wait until I got home")

ok, not porn, but definitely swearing - but only visible from space?

and just because it's insane, a whole stack of classic videogames, recreated on a 16*16 pixel square (and yes, fully playable)
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find some space in your day

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a game but not a game

no, that's a table

that's a difference engine
(yes yes, old skool Babbage stylings)

cartoons are not funny (just in case you want to see what all the furor is about)

"maid cafe"s in Tokyo, say "welcome home master", and get on their knees to stir the milk and sugar into your coffee
.. disturbingly appealing to the clientelle

let's make a picture! ok.. how about we use live bacteria to do it.. sure, why not?
(click Galerie und Details)

control what looks like a videogame.. until half way around the car track, you realise it's actually a real car with a video camera, driving around above your head
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stupid, stupid politics