Not About Him (notabouthim) wrote,
Not About Him

tie me down, geek me up

unconscious decisions are smarter (so best to code while asleep, drooling on your keyboard?)

common sorting algorithms, and their relative performance (this one is best for cousins, this for grandmas, but these aunt good for anything, har har)

how to completely demotivate programmers with a single sentence (and no, not the obvious "here, code this access database" or "you're on tech support")

famous unsolved codes and ciphers (do one of these and I'll buy you an icecream)

top 10 reasons geeks make good fathers (what? not a single mention of the size of their schlongs or their penetrating, uhh, intelligence?)

and just coz they're SO cute (plus, you know, tell me a geek that doesn't like the simpsons (and no, I'm not talking about you beagl, or you happyinmotion, you're just ornery for the hell of it, that doesn't count *grin*)):

fingernail art
(oh, oh, and this is just funny as hell)
Tags: art, coding, geeks, genius

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