Not About Him (notabouthim) wrote,
Not About Him

paradigm shift ahoy

microchips have just been designed that run on magnetism instead of electricity

spray on nano solar cells can collect power even on a cloudy day - with further work becoming five TIMES as efficient as the best current designs

no more floating point computers, the real way to advance science & technology is with interval based maths (insanely complex, but incredibly powerful)

genes might not be the only way that information is inherited.. prions (a tiny form of protein) are starting to suggest a similar role

there are no organic fish any more. Plastic in the oceans is going up at a geometric rate, which means fish are basically dining out on the tiny broken down pieces of it

life starting in a "hot clay primordial soup" is a fallacy

a tutorial for women on how to pee standing up

and just because.. wuh? video footage from a motorcyclist's point of view, as a car smashes into her, and of a goldfish - they remove the water from its bowl, replace it with mountain dew (which kills it), replace that with water, then bring it back to life with a 9v battery. yeah, exactly, wuh?
Tags: computation, maths, science, solar power, tech
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