Not About Him (notabouthim) wrote,
Not About Him

robots.. ROBOTS!

essentially this is a flying car (yes, skeptics, the futuretime is here, NOW!), however what makes it useful is that, more or less, they get a robot to fly it for you (it takes care of tricky aerodynamics, fast weight shifts, etc)

robots are almost human! (a newscientist special), followed with improvements in automated speech, two legged robots that are as graceful as humans, and the subtleties of digital dexterity

grr! argh! it's Enryu
(it means "rescue dragon", how goddamn cool) - and here's an article about it being used to rescue people from snow (ok, LOTS of snow)

it appears automated, therefore I deem it (today) to be a robot. Everyone should go here, the roflbrothel (yes, SFW, it's ascii, for god's sake)

an underwater robot is mapping an ancient greek shipwreck

ho ho, Henrik Ibsen's "Hedda Gabler", with half the parts played by live robots onstage! (live? robots? well, ok) - more detail here

and! and! omGEE! (thanks happyinmotion):

Robosaurus! It eats aeroplanes AND breathes fire. I mean, really, what more could you want from a robot?

but, you know, some people are just misery gutses.. they think robots are just not where it's at

and just because everything tesla is stunningly cool and interesting - his zero time reference generator, which when it's turned on, you can hear lock onto the rotation of the earth

and, you know, ha ha:
Tags: goatse, mpaa, robots, tesla

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