Not About Him (notabouthim) wrote,
Not About Him

not a surprise

high iq isn't as great for you as previously thought

breathing deeply is good for you

Mr FUN doesn't have fun

this domain name is taken (and they're selling penis enlargement pills)

this is the most stolen street sign in the world
(and other bizarre places to live)

American telcos can't be trusted.. oh, and have stolen USD200b off the US public, and given them nothing in return.

17 year olds could care less about sex scenes in video games

frequent fliers catch more colds (seriously. duh. trapped in a tube with a bunch of sniffly idiots?)

and just for happyinmotion, people in amazing jobs aren't just lucky, or, it would seem, male, or white. (Who would have thought they just made their own breaks when the opportunities arrived?)
Tags: airplanes, telecoms, work

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