Not About Him (notabouthim) wrote,
Not About Him

I pee in your general direction

revenge unlimited - for people in desperate need of a good dose of humility

cards to fill out and hand to loud cell phone users

flip charts to helpfully communicate with other road users

how to slow cars from speeding in your street

The Drunk Couple I Affectionately Refer To As My Next Door Neighbors

the mind molester - how to drive someone mad

take the revenge test - determine how vengeful you truly are

true tales of retribution against life's petty aggravations

and just because it's such awesome maths:

Fast Anisotropic Smoothing of Multi-Valued Images by Curvature-Preserving PDE's
(yes, the algorithm did just fill in all the blanks with no knowledge whatsoever of what was supposed to be there)
Tags: maths, revenge

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