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Not About Him(.com)
a daily zeitgeist

shrunken heads, made out of, well, goatskin
(you can't have sex coz you're a mermaid? well, how about you give me a little head instead?)

German village gets swamped with pig manure (Sie Schweine!)

mooses (meese?) are surfing in Norway

an angry hare attacked a dogsled team (obviously didn't get the memo on the whole predator/prey thing)

China nixes any cartoons with animals & people in them (also, no talking animals)

a Japanese TV show about a cat that loves human breast milk (they take him all over the country to suckle. what a great job)

here's one for all you vegetarians out there - is it ok to eat plants that eat animals?
(this is a carnivorous plant kit, with 12 different carnivorous plants in it)

scientists speak out against animal rights

guy gets anthrax after inhaling spores from raw animal hides used on drums

that's chicken teeth. No, really
, mutant dna, blah blah (and no, not so rare, all you old wives)

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