February 13th, 2006On this day in different years

upside down giraffe

hot damn high tech rocks!

acclaimed physicist presents exact solution of einstein's gravitational field equation - immediately solving two biggest problems of near light speed travel (finding the energy required, and not crushing humans in the process)

it's a building, finalist for a competition (tech description here, images here *drool*)

morse code translation app (requires java)

face transforming app - upload a pic of yourself, and see how you look when you're old, or young, or chinese, or, say, manga (requires java, but well worth switching it on for)

US military attempts to control weather using plasma
(ok, weather control is old news, but using plasma for anything is cool, which is the only reason these guys get a mention - making ball lightning in a lab, using *yawn* a microwave oven. Been there, done that, but, you know, it's plasma, so hey!)

nuclear (not nuc-u-lar, thanks Bush) grade duct tape (nope, I'm not making this up! and thanks happyinmotion)

an app to completely remove all norton apps from your pc (thank god! someone finally thought of the children)

what happens when you break a high energy circuit that still has 500,000 volts running through it (very short, very impressive google video)

the Japanese know nothing

of course, you've gotta respect uber low tech - how about a stone age tribe, numbering 50-200 who have successfully rebuffed the rest of the planet - including helicopters, with a rain of arrows? (oh, and managed to survive the 2004 indian tsunami)