February 1st, 2006On this day in different years

upside down giraffe

now THAT I'd like to see

a printer that can print out brain cells

it's dance dance DNA revolution
(dance dance evolution? :) )

patch 1.10 is bringing weather to WoW (don't renew your account. don't renew your account)

trauma pills that blot out bad memories (childhood anyone? all of January 2006?)

chewbacca's blog
(really *cough* rather articulate)

flying windmills. No, that's not a typo. So. Cool.

this is what happens when you pump oxygen and propane into a gopher tunnel system
.. then ignite it!

a giant octopus attacked a submarine (wooHOO!)

guy goes to supermarket to buy ham. finds "dog shit" listed in the ingredients. (camera! camera!)

and that I'd like to see again: chronic déjà vu sufferers ("there's no point coming to the (brand new) clinic. I've already been there")