January 6th, 2006

upside down giraffe

a big fat "oh wow"

compelling argument we're actually living in a simulation (and if we're not, we'll all be extinct soon)

America has plans from the 30's to invade Canada. Oh, and never give up control (goes around comes around: Did Cuba plan Kennedy's assassination?)

how would Jesus park?

recommendation: child won't sleep? Smack them until they stop crying* (*nb: advice is 60 years out of date)

ancient societies are becoming more commonly noticed (eg the da vinci code) because the antichrist is on his way

using Amazon wishlists to track down terrorists (aka: I'm a fucking moron)

ISP lands USD11b settlement against spammer

How Steve Jobs makes such kickass presentations

Futurama might be coming back

sunset on mars

Lots of kickass registry hacks for speeding up Windows XP (most of them also work with Win2k)

15 year old hacks his cochlear implant so he can hear Boléro (just. fuck. wow)

sketch a picture, and retrievr will find all pics on flickr that look like it. Eg, draw this:

and get:
and and

guy posts to Craigslist: why I'm getting out of the marines

why Americans should never be allowed to travel

scientists figure how to grow a fully functional breast from mouse stem cells (and addiitonally, why breast cancer commonly recurs after it's "been cured")

a camera you can bounce!

South African scientist says he's going to bring back a quagga

free alcohol makes homeless healthier, safer

drunk driver results in pretty young lass ending up looking like this
. He's upset.

NASA sends fruit flies to breed on the ISS to learn how zero g affects astronauts

exercise speeds healing by up to 25%

a garfield cartoon that might actually be funny (well, ok, it's edgy, at the very least)