January 1st, 2006

upside down giraffe

amazing. just amazing.

the most boring photo of earth ever taken. ah ha! except that the camera is on mars.

how to increase your energy levels in 1 minute. freakish, but damn if it isn't buzzy.

50 best firefox extensions (some awesome stuff in here)

Dodos, up until now, have never had a single complete skeleton found of them. Now archeornithologists (ok, I just made that up) have found a mass grave with at least 20 different dodos in it, possibly more

scientists can't figure out where the dumptruck of lava that's coming out of Mt St Helens every 3 seconds is coming from

ancient egyptians worshipped dwarves (what the?)

a "unified physics theory" explains how animals run, fly and swim (ie, one formula explains all motion). not only that, but it works for ANY type of motion, mechanical, gravity fed, etc (ie, everything from a fish to a jumbo jet)

scientists discover the Zero Point Field - which ties everything in the universe together, like the force, in Star Wars. If it's true. Wow. It is a touch suspect though. Wiki is here, and arguments about wiki here.

liquid with a life of its own. THE single most amazing thing I have ever seen (video)