Not About Him (notabouthim) wrote,
Not About Him

high tech from low tech

all you need is a camera (*cough*andapassingspaceshuttle*cough*) and you could get a funky photo of a sonic boom

a tesla coil, built from trash

how to turn everything punk into middle class twee.. with only a t-shirt!

take any old graphics card, add some clever software, and voila! up to 18 times faster code than running on a CPU

any boring old hyperbaric oxygen chamber (read: a tent, with lots of O2 in it) massively increases the number of circulating stem cells - which boosts body repair

and low tech from high tech? why, it's the US government, of course.. in 2 months.. when they run out of money (no, I'm not making this up)
Tags: longevity, tech, usa
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