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Not About Him(.com)
a daily zeitgeist
NotAboutHim.Com is Closed

Well guys, it's been a fun project.
However, it's time to move on to new pastures.
Why? Time requirements. Putting it together takes a LOT of time & effort, and it's time to put that attention elsewhere.

Yes, I will still have an lj account, and continue reading of and commenting on your respective blogs.

all the content will remain, just at notabouthim.livejournal.com

I'll leave you with this:

(you have been warned)
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shrunken heads, made out of, well, goatskin
(you can't have sex coz you're a mermaid? well, how about you give me a little head instead?)

German village gets swamped with pig manure (Sie Schweine!)

mooses (meese?) are surfing in Norway

an angry hare attacked a dogsled team (obviously didn't get the memo on the whole predator/prey thing)

China nixes any cartoons with animals & people in them (also, no talking animals)

a Japanese TV show about a cat that loves human breast milk (they take him all over the country to suckle. what a great job)

here's one for all you vegetarians out there - is it ok to eat plants that eat animals?
(this is a carnivorous plant kit, with 12 different carnivorous plants in it)

scientists speak out against animal rights

guy gets anthrax after inhaling spores from raw animal hides used on drums

that's chicken teeth. No, really
, mutant dna, blah blah (and no, not so rare, all you old wives)

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invisible cat 5 cable

invisible buildings (you can tell they're there by the gigantic stack of dead birds up against one invisible wall)

residents put up camera to catch invisible underwear thief

washington times interviews a hacker who'd been running a botnet - carefully hid his identity (including a mystery photograph).. which unfortunately for him had enough data to be able to pinpoint where he lives to within 10m

a new optical effect has been created that means solid objects could one day be rendered invisible

and, just coz it's friday.. something different: a chinese penis restaurant ("Of course, there are other restaurants that serve the bian [penis] of individual animals. But this is the first that brings them all together.")

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unconscious decisions are smarter (so best to code while asleep, drooling on your keyboard?)

common sorting algorithms, and their relative performance (this one is best for cousins, this for grandmas, but these aunt good for anything, har har)

how to completely demotivate programmers with a single sentence (and no, not the obvious "here, code this access database" or "you're on tech support")

famous unsolved codes and ciphers (do one of these and I'll buy you an icecream)

top 10 reasons geeks make good fathers (what? not a single mention of the size of their schlongs or their penetrating, uhh, intelligence?)

and just coz they're SO cute (plus, you know, tell me a geek that doesn't like the simpsons (and no, I'm not talking about you beagl, or you happyinmotion, you're just ornery for the hell of it, that doesn't count *grin*)):

fingernail art
(oh, oh, and this is just funny as hell)

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greenland's glaciers are melting at twice the rate previously believed

new infectious diseases are emerging at an exceptional rate

the world's oceans are rapidly becoming more acidic - to the point where they might cause a mass extinction of marine life

know how to bury your dead when the avian flu pandemic hits

we're all going to die together

caring for a terminally ill partner can be so draining it kills you

but on a cheerier note, it's humans that are making wildlife sick

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conversational terrorism

a guild holds WoW server hostage (until someone pays them 5000 gold)

authorities discover bin laden's latest message.. via his myspace page

and if being forced to live by conservative catholic mores isn't terrorising, I don't know what the hell is (aka, don't move to this town)

and, well, just because you never know when you might need it - fish school (to train your fish, of course!) - ok, and something fun - make yourself look like a simpsons character

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a rubik's cube that works based on textures: metal, wood, stone, rubber, plastic, etc

an online texture library (if you need them, for, ooh.. game mappings, perhaps?)

the latest MS outlook interface has one texture, and it's CHROME! (not recommended for the visually sensitive)

and just because it's not surprising in the slightest.. over half of US presidents were insane

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freaky buildings (melting, growing, generally defying gravity)

flickr's least wanted

tiny people doing tiny things (wait for it to load, click on Gllerie)

art by Boris Artzybasheff (1899-1965)
(and if there was ever a pic of BM, this is it)

pictures of a backhoe hitting a bridge (and yep, cables for africa)

mother of 3 manages to take picture of the Beast of Bexley (although really, she had a digital cam, why didn't she take lots?)

and just for pagurus, happiness isn't normal. just so you know

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a bunch of URLs I'm glad I don't own:

molestation nursery

expert sex change

whore presents

the rapist finder

cumming first (a baptist church. boy, I wish I'd made this up)

speedo fart

cum.co.za (it's a christian family bookstore.. what IS it with these christians?)

got a hoe

and just coz, well, why not? the ultimate laptop accessory - a 16 tonne steam engine (ta happyinmotion (more details here))

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modafinil is the kickass new(ish) drug that allows you to operate for 40 hours non stop, with no known side effects (more on the general area here)

loud music definitely wakes you up - and if you take MDMA as well, the music then amplifies the effect for up to 5 days

the Japanese are getting to the point that they can't let their dead go without taking their photo first

a vietnamese man has been awake for 3 decades without sleep (and yes, has been very well studied by curious scientists)

ok, so he's not asleep (
lifeofreilly!), but he's also not go-go-going anywhere.. it's just Not Quite As Super as I was brought up to believe..

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